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Mike Amin & Melanie Lipman
Instructor: Mike Amin & Melanie Lipman

Mike & Mel have been teaching performing and choreographing various Swing and Jazz dances locally and at national events for over eleven years.
With a passion for many swing dances including: Lindy Hop, Jive, Charleston, Jitterbug ,Boogie Woogie, Blues, Authentic Jazz, Balboa, Rhythm Tap, Collegiate Shag, Argentine Tango & ballroom. They also choreograph two performance troupes - the Swingsters 'SwingStars' and 'Mel's Belles'. Mike is regularly involved in writing playing and recording music of various styles and brings a musician's ear to proceedings! With a firm grip of many technincal subjects Mike aims to inspire and educate at the same time, always with some cheeky humour thrown in for good measure.
Mel has surpassed in every form of dance she has tried and leads by inspiration. Previously Mel has taught Modern Jive locally regionally and nationally. Mel has an infectious sense of fun which makes the most challenging classes seem easy.

Level: +10years Active Member Level: +10years Active Member

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